021: Balance

A popular interpretation of the American dream goes something like, "work 40 hours a week, buy stocks, and go to the beach when you're 60."

One could say "that's outdated! It misinterprets the American spirit of freedom to mean 'work your whole life.'"

Well, true, to an extent. But an overarching truth exists. It's something like: "work, invest in yourself, then relax."

Life can't be only work, or only relaxation.

It needs to strike a balance.

But "balance" is a tricky concept to wrap my mind around.

There's no such shape as "balance".

Rather, balance is constant presence. Understanding when I'm about to fall, and making a quick, intuitive decision.

If I think: "should I extend my arm leftward to shift my center of gravity?" then I will have fallen by the time I have an answer.

Balance is paying attention. Noticing the subtle shifts in your center of gravity as they occur.

And having faith that you will make the right decision when you start to lose balance.

Recently, I've been working a lot.

I'm building a bitcoin guide website, and I'm excited by the potential of it.

But I notice something.

If I work too much, I start getting tense.

My mind is always in "what can I *do* right now?" mode.

Sometimes doing is important, and fun.

But it's hell to be thinking "what should I *do* right now?" 24/7.

Sometimes, you need to just sit back, enjoy the moment, and reflect.

Reflect on what I feel. Learn to sense that what I feel is always present, even if I don't realize it consciously.

Life is this balance between "do" and "be".

Going full steam in either direction in either direction is unsustainable. That said, it could be a good idea.

Because learning from experience is always better than trusting the dogma.

It's only when you test the edge of your balance that you realize what shape you can form without falling.

Falling is an integral part of the process as well, because you learn why you fell which helps with future balance.

Quote I'm Pondering

"You find me offensive. I find you offensive for finding me offensive."

– Eminem

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