004: Inhale, Exhale

What you inhale, you exhale.

Inhaling is absorption. You take in the world, and make it part of yourself.

Exhaling is influence. You take yourself, and push it out to the world.

Reading is the inhale, writing is the exhale.

Listening is the inhale, speaking is the exhale.

We all fantasize about the big exhale. Writing a book. Starting a revolution. Building a goat cheese food truck that goes viral and becomes a feel-good documentary.

But the inhale is where that magic starts to grow.

Scrolling through Twitter is a type of inhale/exhale.

But it's a choppy, hyperventilating version.

Quick inhale, small exhale, ohh got 2 likes, 52 small inhales, ohhh bomb dropped (literally or metaphorically), dog is so cute.

This is why podcasts are more satisfying than social media. It's one long inhale, and you feel full afterwards.

I'm trying to focus on clean, long inhales. Not worried about the next inhale during the current one. And having faith that the right exhale will follow.

New Fitness App I'm Using

I used to think ClassPass was only for trendy millennial biking classes that blare hip-hip while street-walkers peer through the window.

Turns out, it's pretty cool. You pay for credits (about $1.85/credit in Austin), and can attend virtually any gym or studio in your area. From what I've seen, it's cheaper than paying for individual memberships.

Here's a few examples:

  • 40 minute Sauna session—8 credits ($15) vs. $25-40 directly at the studio
  • 2 hours at Gold's gym—2 credits ($4) vs. $39/month
  • 75 minute Yoga class—4 credits ($7) vs. $18-22/class

How is it such a good deal? I have no idea. In Austin, their lowest plan is $39/month for 21 credits (and you can rollover 10 credits per month, which includes previous rollover credits).

Quote I'm Pondering

From a podcast I listened to, with Pete Holmes and Michael Gunger:

“One of the really interesting things about podcasts that have influenced culture in a certain way, because people listen to podcasts not in groups, so you can say things on podcasts that you would not say at a rally or in a room full of people. Because in a room full of people everybody has to pretend to be offended. Nobody’s actually fucking offended, they want to look like they’re offended...they’re doing it to be seen.”

–Michael Gunger (via You Made it Weird)

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