035: Off and On

I got burned out this week.

I've been working almost every day in quarantine, and I just burned out.

Maybe too much caffeine.

The funny thing about burning out is that you don't know you've burned out till you've recovered.

You may feel tired, and feel guilty for feeling tired.

Feeling guilty for feeling tired.

That happens to me all the time. "Come on Sam! Don't feel tired. If you're tired, how ya gonna do things?!?" And somehow......these thoughts just make me more tired.

If you're tired, feel free to rest.

And if you've been resting for a while, feel free to go on a run.

Life is a balance between motion and stillness, between day and night, between life and death.

We have this widespread delusion that we can get motion without stillness, day without night, life without death.

We can't. These things go together, and imply each other.

Resisting the natural flow of change is like trying to lengthen the day by closing your eyes, clenching your fists, and wishing for it. That's just silly.

Everything naturally flows between different states.

Crypto Podcast

Helium is one of the most interesting crypto projects I've seen. They aim to combine hardware and cryptocurrency to build a wireless network that's not controlled by any 1 telecom company (such as Verizon).

You buy a wireless router from Helium (or anyone - the hardware specs are public), broadcast internet to your neighborhood, and get paid in $HNT tokens for your contribution.

Right now, it's only available for low-frequency communication (which carries very little data). The first products on the Helium network are called "Tabs"—they let you track anything you own, and view it on a map. Though eventually, Helium may likely be used for Wifi, 4G, and more.

It's hard to think this isn't the future of wireless networks. Below's the link.

The Hotspot, Episode 3

Another Podcast

I listened to a podcast with Eminem and Mike Tyson. Long time fan of Eminem, I even got a room full of his posters and his pictures man... Well anyway, cool seeing Eminem on an interview with someone who he trusts, he opens up a bit. Interesting guy, that Eminem! Link is below.
Hotboxin with Mike Tyson: Eminem

Quote I'm Pondering

"In the short run, the market is a voting machine but in the long run, it is a weighing machine."

– Benjamin Graham

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