014: Pause Button

It's a human race.

You were born and started running.

Eventually, you look to your sides and ask, "hey guys, what are we running towards?"

"Strange question bro, just run with us!"

So you do. But eventually you become hesitant. So you stop for a breath, and as you do, you lose ground.

"Keep up with us, bro! Don't be a loser."

Part of you does feel like a loser. Damn, I wanna catch up and beat those fuckers.

Yet for the first time, you're now a spectator, not a runner.

And you notice something strange.

There's more than 1 race happening. And some people are running entirely by themselves.

So you begin to experiment running in different races, in different directions.

And soon realize—in some directions, the running happens more naturally.

It becomes clear you're less of a runner and more of a magnet.

When facing the right direction, the running is more effortless. The gap between "here" and "there" closes, but it's not forced shut. It just happens.

These past 2 weeks, the human race has been paused.

A virus sweeps the globe, and many cannot catch their breath.

But as a whole, we're catching our own.

There's a natural reflection that happens: what were we running towards? What are we running towards?

The short-term effects are painful.

But in the long-term, this reflection time feels important.

Quote I'm Pondering

“What’s the world’s greatest lie?” the boy asked, completely surprised. “It’s this: that at a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. That’s the world’s greatest lie.”

Paulo Coelho, in The Alchemist

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