020: Front Row Seats

How do I talk about self love without seeming like I'm in a tree house wearing yoga pants and hitting a joint?

It's easy to associate "self-love" with corniness, naiveté, or even lazy thinking.

That stereotypical yogi dude who preaches self-love with a strong anxiety. You feel how he desperately wants you to validate him.

"If you really love yourself, why so anxious?" you think.

In that sense, it feels like the ultimate hypocrisy to hear someone claim they've found salvation in peace-life when they are more anxious than ever.

"I never want to look like that," it's easy to think.

Believing that love is corny is always safer.

But self-love is the most powerful tool I've ever found (rivaling Google Maps).

It's the ability to see what's beautiful in yourself before others do.

You have a 24/7 view of what's happening in your life.

It's remarkable.

There is a unique "light" in you that's not present in anyone else. You know this intuitively.

And it can feel hurtful when others don't see it.

Let's say I invented a way for dogs to speak fluent English. I immediately call a friend to share my news and he says "whatever bro. Sounds like Google Translate."

No! It's incredible, and unique, and amazing. How can you not see that, bro? How can you not see that, world?

Maybe the answer is simply "they can't see it." Or maybe they don't want to see it because it reminds them of what they're avoiding within themselves.

But here's the thing: just because someone can't (or won't) see your light doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Self-love is trusting your light.

You have front-row seats to the game of your life, and everyone else is listening on a static-ey radio.

It's okay to trust what you see, even if nobody else can see it.

No longer relying on others to validate your light, it naturally starts to express itself in the form of creativity.

There is no such thing as "trying to be creative." Only removing the barriers.

We are all endlessly creative—if we give ourselves permission. The key is giving ourselves full permission to have fun with it. And to change course at any moment.

That's what self-love is. Trusting the magnet that is your heart, even when others shoot arrows with their words.

When you realize the arrows are invisible, you let them pass right through and continue on.

Crypto Site I'm Building

I think Bitcoin is endlessly fascinating—it's new form of money, where the "money printer" is owned by the collective society compared to 1 government.

But a main problem with Bitcoin is education—it's harder to understand that most new technologies.

Last year, I bought the domain "bitcoin.guide" with hopes of making an easy to understand guide.

And recently, I realized now's the time to build it. I'm hoping to have something live by May 11.

Quote I'm Pondering

"Move slow 'cause you wanna live fast."

– J. Cole

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