038: When Momentum Stops

I've lost momentum in business and life these past few weeks.

In early September, I returned to Austin from a 2 week trip to California.

Tossing back donuts at 11pm became a biweekly ritual. I smoked more cannabis. Ate less healthy, and more often. Stopped writing these emails.

Then I got strep throat and was sick for almost a week.

I got better, and was so relieved to be better, that I overdid it again—a direct rebound to the donuts, joints, and scattered attention.

Last night, within 2 hours, I ate 3 chicken legs, 14 cheesy bread bites, Brazilian style flan, and a "puddin" donut from Gourdough's in Austin.

(If you haven't been to Gourdough's, imagine the most Texas donut imaginable. Imagine the donut of the sugar addict's wildest dreams. If any donut can derail my life, this is it).

Today I woke up lethargic.

And I'm trying to regain momentum. Sending this email feels like step 1, and I'll figure out step 2 after this.

Rebuilding momentum takes patience, acceptance, and faith.

And actually, there's something nice about falling off the wagon occasionally.

It allows you to appreciate the wagon. When you eventually stand up and get back on, there's a renewed sense of meaning and direction.

Quote I'm Pondering

"Through love comes calm, and through calm comes thought."

– Chief Bill Willoughby (in the movie 'Three Billboard Outside Ebbing, Missouri')