037: Word Choice

Some ideas, we speak into existence.

"I eat too many chips."

In that instant, I realize I'm a chipsaholic.

Only after I acknowledge my crunchy vice can I solve it.

Yet other ideas are the opposite—we speak them out of existence.

Such as: "I'm a visionary."

If Steve Jobs walked onto stage and said that, I'd get indigestion and leave the conference.

He's too much of a visionary to label himself that—instead, his work speaks for itself.

Another speak-out-of-existence phrase that I'm fascinated with: "I am afraid."

The moment you say that, you become less afraid.

Why? Because it's a brave thing to say.

Reality speaks louder than words.

Quote I'm Pondering

"Average people complicate ideas in an attempt to sound smart. Smart people simplify ideas in an attempt to add value."

—@omarakhaddaj on Twitter

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